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The following clips are personal projects. Many of them filmed and directed by myself with a few exceptions. Many of these projects were created for sermon series and Sunday services at The River Christian Reformed Church along with a few additional personal edits by contract or for fun.

Art by: Melanie Vanderwal  - Editing by: - Music: "Love Never Fails" Brandon Heath

This was a video I shot and edited for the Manufacturing Summit in The Inland Empire hosted by RedFusion Media. This video contains footage from different manufacturing companies in the Inland Empire including California Steel in Fontana, Cott Beverages Bottling Company in Fontana, Paramount Windows and Doors in San Bernardino and BrydenScot Metal Products in San Bernardino. Music: “The Slip Jig” composed by Seana Thompson, performed by Christina and Seana Thompson (of Redlands), available on their album “Forget Me Not” at Cinematography by Teri j. Post Production Editing by Teri j. Sponsored by RedFusion Media
Pastor John tells his story of hope and a grateful heart. As his health deteriorates because of exposure to Agent Orange during the Vietnam war this veteran and pastor of over 30 years to the spanish community recalls the ways in which God has blessed him and strengthened him in the midst of these difficult times. Cinematography: Gerrit Wagner and Ben Lee Post Production: Teri Heemstra Music: Bethel Church This is a product of The River CRC and should not be used without permission
Students from The River tell of why they want to make profession of faith and how Christ has impacted them
Ted Gastra speaks about the many ways he worships and gives glory to God through crafting, fixing and collecting, showing us how God is truly in the details.
Suzanne tells her story of how she has experienced God through the gift of dance and how she is excited to see that worship spread through the body of The River Church.
What does it look like to be prostrate before God?
A little experiment for forensics class.
a collection of photos and video in rememberance of my Grandma H.
Our seniors tell us the hopes for the future, their advice for those in the present and their thanks for those in their past.
Meet Chris and Shannon as they tell you about how they met, how the fell in love and what they are looking forward to in their new marriage.
A small glimpse of Eric and Lisa's wedding day at Tukwet Canyon Golf Club in Beaumont California, October 16, 2011
A small glimpse of Quentin and Jen's wedding day at Arrowhead Springs in San Bernardino, October 15, 2011
Memories, Stories and history of the church from the last 100 years. The River Christian Reformed Church, Redlands California 1911-2011
Melanie's testimony of her time in Lesotho and her desire to host The Beautiful::Art Benefit. To learn more about Beautiful:Art and The Beautiful:Africa campaign visit:
The testimony and ordination of Pastor Scott Elgersma
A short glimpse of our adventures at Spirit West Coast Del 2009.
A video I compiled for a special "performance" in the Sunday service on July 11. 2010 Various video clips for youtube. visit to see more
Promotional Video for Beautiful Run in Redlands California
Thanksgiving in many languages Photos from Song: "Star" by Andy Hunter